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Google just launched people Card for india! It is a digital visiting card for people who wish to be found on google!

Avinash Haridas Digital Marketing Expert

By Avinash Haridas

As a limited launch, Google is trying virtual business cards in google search when a person’s name is searched on Google


Presently, it is being tested in India. This feature allows people to create free digital visiting cards in their names and it will show up on google when someone searches for them.


Finding a place on google search results could be a daunting task for most people. Especially if you are not famous or if you have a fairly common name ( Lucky me I guess!)


For people searching for a name, it is very difficult to be sure that you have found the right person if the person doesn’t have a strong digital presence.


Google People Cards are meant to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, influencers & anyone literally who wants to ensure that they could be found. ( Job seekers, should use this )


Google people card is not like the digital business card fad which is being circulated in the past few months. but integrated into the google search. You have the options to add your website link, social media profiles, and much more different information about you!


When someone searches a name with a people’s card, it will show up as a card module with their name, Location & profession on google. 

The module could be pressed to go deeper and know more!

Now you may be thinking, what about those folks who have similar names? 


So in that scenario, google will show multiple cards and the information provided could be used to distinguish between them to identify your target!


How to Create a Google People Card ?

Currently, google people card is limited to users in India only. ( Although there are ways to create them if you are elsewhere! Search for VPN!)

It’s fairly easy to create a google people card. All you need to do is to search for your name or type on to the search box ” add me to search”

Please ensure that you are signed in on your google account which links to your details ( Your personal Gmail ID!)

Once you enter ” Add me to search” , click on the dialog box that appears and from here on, its straight forward. you just need to fill in the details you want the world to know about you !

It’s not necessary to add all the details or your phone number and other social media profile links. You can choose what you want to disclose !

But as you guessed, the more specific information you provide about yourself,easier it would be to find your profile on google search!

Google will need your phone number to authenticate this process although you don’t have to show it in the google people card!

So what are you waiting for ? Go create a card of your own as soon as possible! Let me know if you are unable to do it somehow, we could help!

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